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Complience with your process

With regard to environmental issues, it is very important to meet the discharge standards in dust removal and process filtration.

Production targets and need are  sont crucial

We offer you our expertise and competence in the choice of  filtration media and machinery adjustment.


Felt, woven, non-woven

  • Glass fiber fabrics or felt with e-PTFE membrane
  • Antistatic Excharge fabrics
  • Fabrics suitable for food contact FoodTech
  • Fabrics resistant to incandescent particles FireGuard/Blockguard
  • Filter Media for coating plant AsphalTech
  • Filter Media with microfiber MPS
  • Natural fibers  (cotton, flax, wool)
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Polyacrylonitrile
  • Meta-aramide
  • Polyimide P84
  • PTFE
  • Glass fiber
  • Ceramic  candles PYROTEX KE85


  • Filter bags with stainless steel Snap ring, felt seal or double strip  with or without bottom reinforcement and reinforced seams
  • Filter bags with rings
  • Bags with lugs and bottom ( Luhr type)
  • Multi-pocket bags, with channels,…
  • Bag-House type bags
  • Loading chutes
  • Support frames for filter bags
  • Suppport baskets for filter bags
  • Inserts for bags with channels and multi-pocket bags

We are able to provide you both with  internationnally standard products adapting to different types of equipment of dedusting filters producers; and custom-tailored products studied, calculated and  designed for your particular and specific application.


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