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SATI Envirotech

Sati Envirotech's company mission is  to develop the ideas viewing the future: concepts of new products, research and development, logistics and communication.

We are absolutely sure that the best ideas are born in teamwork; so, to make them really innovative we need the best professional team.  Today, Sati Envirotech relies on its staff's  expertise and qualification.

Our professional team now has  the most advanced technologies as well as perfect team spirit to obtain better results.  All this is important to keep being a  leader in innovation process, production and services.

Our fabrics are commercialized all over the world through direct sales or in cooperation with our partners.

Research and Development, innovation and technology

Investigación, desarrollo, innovación y tecnología

At Sati Envirotech company, the ideas do not come due to the short moments of inspiration! The ideas are studied , analysed, discussed, improved and, finally, developped only if they are good ones. This way of work is based on research and development of technical fabrics.

Sati started its activity in 1966 using synthetic fibres for undustrial application. it has been constantsly developing since this date.

The team of Sati Envirotech uses the most advanced industrial technologies in all the sectors: from creation to manufacturing of the product.

Production - SATI Envirotech Technology

Since 2015 the new workshop has been located in Caldes de Montbui.

With the surface over 6,000m2, it contains the whole production process : warping, weaving, treatment and quality control.

This complete production process allows us to control and secure  every step of manufacturing till the product delivery  to our clients.



A production facility comprising numerous high accuracy electronic weaving looms  Sulzer and  Dornier  which allow manufcaturing of fabrics with width over 300cm.
We are actually capable of producing more than  1,5 million linear meters of fabrics per year with over 30 weaving looms.
Due to our experience of more than 50 years in fabrics manufacturing for industrial filtration, we can offer the wide range of technical fabrics.
We have developed over 500 various fabrics and we still continue our research and development of new materials in accordance with  our clients' requirements.
Our fabrics are used in a big variety of industrial sectors.


SATI Envirotech also has all the necessary materials for fabrics treatment according to the clients' needs, the sector of activity and application.

  • Heat setting
    This thermal process allows fabrics dimensional stability in order to  avoid its possible shrinkage later. SATI carries out this type of treatment with all their fabrics to assure the initial quality of the product.
  • Calendering
    The calendering process is  to adjust the air permeability of the fabrics, that allows to vary their physical properties. This process can stabIlize, polish and smooth fabrics surface.
  • Singeing
    Due to the singeing process, the loose fibres on the fabrics surface are removed which improves the cake release from the fabrics or  felt surface.

Quality control

During the whole production cycle we carry out various tests, laboratory trials, measurements,.. as well as thorough and strict quality control; this allows us to guarantee the high quality of  SATI Envirotech products.

Customer service

We do research individually trying to find an appropriate solution for each of our clients. Direct contacts with the clients give the possibility for our staff (both technical and commercial) to get a rich experience in various industrial fields. Due to this experience , SATI Envirotech have created effective solutions for over 3000 clients all over the world.


Logo mortelecqueSince 2013 SATI Envirotech belongs to MORTELECQUE Group.

Mortelecque is a family company founded in  1830, weaver and manufacturer of filtration elements for gaz and liquid treatement, it has its own maintenance team and offers associated services.

Our workshops keep a large stock of fabrics in order to assure manufacturing of filter bags and cloths on automated lines and meet deadlines adapted to the clients' requirements.

Technical fabrics manufactured in our weaving plant  (SATI Envirotech) are mostly used for liquid filtration.  The  felt with and without surface treatment  (PTFE..) are used for air filtering - dedusting.

- Areas of Activity

  • Cement plants, Mineral industries,
  • Coating plants,
  • food processing , Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries,
  • Biomass,
  • Metallurgy, Ferrous and non ferrous metal production, W
  • ater treatment and sludge dewatering,
  • Wood and paper industries, Glass production,
  • Air conditioning, Cold chambersIndustries

- Our experience

Dust removal- Liquid filtration
Fluidisation cloths- Textile air distribution ducts
Maintenance & Services

  • DUST REMOVAL – Filter bags, fluidisation cloths,
  • LIQUID FILTRATION – Double Cloths & backing cloths for filter-presses, centrifuges, belt filters,
  • TEXTILE DUCTS – Textile air-distribution ducts attached horizontally under the ceiling or vertically.
  • ACCESSORIES & SPARE PARTS – Cages, electrovalves, fluorescent powder, etc...
  • MAINTENANCE & SERVICES – diagnostics, analysis of filtering elements, repairing and restoration,

- Key figures

  • Mortelecque group consists of 148 employees,
  • 20 technical and commercial managers in France, Benelux states, Spain and in export
  • 6 Mortelecque Service Agencies in France / Belgium / Morocco,
  • 22 maintenance technicians of MORTELECQUE SERVICES,
  • 6 production units (3) in France / (1) in Spain / (1) in Belgium / (1) in Morocco
  • 28 000 m² of buildings (production and administrative)
  • over 930 000 filter bags  per year,
  • over 480 000 filter cloths  per year



Mortelecque group
SATI Envirotech
belongs to

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